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Aluminium windows come in a variety of styles, each with a special design and function. Listed below are a few popular styles of aluminium windows.

1-Casement Windows

               Casement windows open outward like doors and have a hinge on one side. Due to their large glass panels, they provide great ventilation, a tight seal when closed, and unhindered views.

2-Awning Windows

               Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward, much like casement windows. They are the best for ventilation even in light rain because they are made to let fresh air in while keeping rainfall out.

3-Sliding Windows

               Sliding windows have a panel or panels that slide horizontally along rails. They give any place a contemporary and sleek appearance while being easy to use and space-saving.

4-Picture Windows

               Designed to maximise natural light and provide unhindered vistas, picture windows are fixed, non-opening windows. They can be coupled with various window styles to create a distinctive aesthetic and are frequently used as focus points.

5-Bay Windows

               Bay windows protrude from a structure in a way that often creates a nook or a small seating area inside a house. A remarkable architectural element, they are composed of a huge centre fixed window flanked by smaller adjustable windows.

6-Bow Windows

               When compared to bay windows, bow windows are more curved or arched in shape. They give visual attractiveness to any room by forming a graceful curve and providing a panoramic view.

7-Skylight Windows

               Installed on the roof, skylight windows let natural light come in from above. They give a touch of architectural character, brighten interior spaces, and are ideal for places where more light is sought.

8-Tilt and Turn Windows

               Due to their dual use, tilt and turn windows provide flexibility. They can be opened by swinging open from the side for simple cleaning and maximum airflow or by tilting inward from the top for ventilation.

9-Fixed Windows

               Unobstructed vistas and plenty of natural light are provided by fixed windows, which are non-operable. They frequently go together with other window types or are positioned in places where ventilation is not necessary.

10-Louver Windows

               To regulate ventilation and airflow, louver windows have several horizontal slats that can be tilted. They have a distinctive design appeal and are frequently utilized in places where airflow and privacy must coexist.

11-Combination Windows

              A single frame houses a variety of window designs in combination windows. They offer flexibility in terms of appearance and functioning and allow for customization.

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