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There are various types of aluminum doors available, each designed to meet different aesthetic and functional requirements. Here are some common types of aluminum doors.

1-Sliding Doors

                These doors offer simple to access and practical space-saving features thanks to one or more panes that slide horizontally on tracks. They are widely used to link indoor and outdoor areas.

2-French Doors

               French doors have two panels that are hinged together and swing open from the middle, creating a large entranceway. They provide a timeless and elegant appearance, frequently with glass panels to increase natural light.

3-Folding Doors

               Also known as bi-fold or accordion doors, folding doors are made up of many hinged panels that stack one on top of the other when they are opened. They are perfect for making expansive entrances and smooth changes from inside to outdoor spaces.

4-Pivot Doors

                Pivot doors offer a distinctive and eye-catching entry since they pivot around a central axis. They are renowned for their modern and contemporary style and can be created as single or double doors.

5-Entrance Doors

               These doors serve as the primary point of access to a building and are available in a variety of designs, including single or double doors with varied panel arrangements, glass inserts, and decorative elements. They offer a warm entryway, security, and insulation.

6-Sliding Patio Doors

               These sliding doors are often larger to maximize views and natural light. They are designed exclusively for access to outside patios. The transition between interior and outdoor living spaces is effortless thanks to them.

7-Storm Doors

               For further defense against inclement weather, storm doors are erected in front of the main entrance door. Normally having an entire glass panel, they can be opened for ventilation while the main entrance is shut.

8-Security Doors

               These doors have extra security features such as strong frames, several locking points, and impact-resistant glass to increase their level of protection. They add an additional line of defense against intruders.

9-Interior Doors

               Available in a variety of designs, including hinged, sliding, and folding choices, aluminium interior doors are intended for usage inside the home. They have a flexible design and can be used as wardrobe doors or to divide rooms.

10-Glass Doors

               Large glass panes on these doors provide for optimum light transmission and a contemporary appearance. The desired functionality will determine whether they are hinged, sliding, or folding.

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